Month: March 2018

All About EFQM Models

In search of excellence, many organizations are discovering that there is no single Holy Grail to seize and that excellence comes from work on a set of organizational critical issues that, furthermore, must be appropriately combined in scope and depth if they are to yield the desired results. This holistic approach to organizational issues is…

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Benefit Diversity For Strategic Advantage

In a business climate defined by complexity, diversity, and globalization, today’s most successful organizations understand that diversity offers a strategic advantage. Diversity can be defined as understanding and accepting the differences among people with respect to age, culture, gender, mental challenges, physical challenges, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social upbringing, etc. Rapid advancement in technology…

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Tips To Handle The Breakdown As Leaders

In your personal or professional life, breakdowns occur. When I say breakdowns, it includes problems, disruptions, challenges, chaos, misfortune, disaster, etc. When it comes to business, in many cases, the larger the goal the larger the breakdown. If you’re a leader, the way you handle those problems can dictate the culture of your enterprise. And…

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