Month: April 2018

How To Help Manager To Lead

There are three major reasons why managers don’t manage: they are uncomfortable with their role and responsibilities; they lack confidence in their decisions; or they simply don’t know what to do. It is also problematic when they are isolated from the knowledge, experience and support of other managers. According to Laurence Karsh, the President of…

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When Manager Feel Uncomfortable About Their Role

We’ve observed that there are reasons why managers don’t manage. One reason is that they are uncomfortable in their role. Managers have to make difficult and sometimes painful decisions. Addressing poor performance, imposing discipline, transferring or demoting employees, and responding to grievances can cause even seasoned managers to lose sleep. Acting as judge and jury…

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Cash Flow Management Lesson

Remember Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Princess And The Pea” from your childhood? I think my Mom read it to me a hundred times. The story goes… A prince was searching the land far and wide for his future wife. He didn’t want a FAKE princess who only wanted his castle and his fortune.…

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