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The premise of the story states that a university professor named Dr. Robert Bolton and his partner Dr. Luther Paradigm created a machine known as the “gene-slammer” which is capable of changing aquatic animals into anthropomorphic hybrids by combining their DNA. In his attempt to prevent Paradigm from using this machine for personal power, Bolton […]

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Regular Show largely grew out of creator J. G. Quintel’s life and experiences in college. Quintel attended the California Institute of the Arts, and many of the characters on Regular Show are based on the characters developed for his student films The Naïve Man from Lolliland (2005) and 2 in the AM PM (2006). Both […]

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The lead stories in both issues of Air Pirates Funnies (published by Last Gasp in July & August 1971), created by O’Neill, London, and Hallgren, focused on Walt Disney characters, most notably from Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse newspaper strip, with the Disney characters engaging in adult behaviors such as sex and drug consumption. O’Neill insisted […]

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As the Ring cycle was conceived by Wagner in reverse order of performance, Die Walküre was the penultimate of the four texts to be written, although Wagner composed the music in performance-sequence. The text was completed by July 1852, and the music by March 1856. Wagner largely followed the principles related to the form of […]

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David Cage, after fifteen years as a composer, started writing the concept and story of The Nomad Soul in 1994. He ended up with a 200-page document and sent it to contacts he had acquired during his time making music, who noted that its execution would not be technically feasible. To prove them wrong, Cage […]

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